QSO Party

The 7-Land QSO Party is only weeks away.  May 3rd and 4th –  1300 UTC
Saturday to 0700 UTC Sunday.

Main web site:  http://ws7n.net/7QP/new/page.asp?content=start

Hopefully you have made or will make plans for supporting our state as we
once again strive to put all 15 AZ counties on the air.  Take a look at the
7QP county activation page:


IMPORTANT – Please list your planned operations so those interested in
mobile or portable operations will have an idea of the areas needing
coverage.  Send an email to  7qpops@codxc.org  identifying your planned
county activation(s) with any unique band/modes you plan to use.  Or, you
may reply to me, and I will take care of the 7QP site notifications.

We always need help with Santa Cruz, La Paz, Gila and Greenlee counties -
the same goes for some of the Rim counties.  You will be very popular on the
bands if you operate from those locations.  By the same token, every 7QP
station will be popular.  This is an excellent time for anyone in any 7QP
county to practice and experience RUN operations.  Get on – call CQ – be one
of the hunted!

Read the 7QP Rules in advance:


As in previous years there will be two other active QSO Parties at varying
times during the weekend.  The Indiana and New England Parties overlap
times with the 7QP.  All party sponsors, again this year, agree to accept
other parties cabrillo files for log submission.  This makes it extremely
easy for participants – submit the same cabrillo log file to all 3 party
sponsors.  Those sponsors will filter out the appropriate contacts for their
respective party.

As always, copy/log the exchange as received and have a list of those other
county abbreviations handy during the events. (N1MM will only display
available multipliers for the State used in the QSO Party

7QP –  http://ws7n.net/7QP/new/Page.asp?content=geo

INQP – http://www.hdxcc.org/inqp/counties.html

NEQP – http://www.neqp.org/counties.html

Expect to receive the following Exchange formats from in-state stations
operating in the following parties:

7QP   – STCty  - 599 AZMCP
NEQP – CtyST – 599 FAICT
INQP –  3 or 4 letter County (primary list) – 599 ALL or 599 CLAR
(note: no state will be sent in the IN exchange)

These specific formats allow N1MM users to utilize a single, state module
for all 3 QSO Parties (maybe other logging programs as well?).
Depending on your location use one of the following N1MM QSO Party – State

7QP   for W7 land stations
IN   for Indiana stations
NEWE   for New England stations

Participants outside those 3 in-state areas will use the State of IN7QPNE in
the N1MM setup.  For info see:

   (may have to copy and paste full address)

Sorry for the length of this email, but there are several important items of
interest.  One needs to be prepared well BEFORE the party start time.  Have
your logging program setup and enter some practice QSOs to become familiar.

Questions posted on the AOCC reflector will keep everyone informed. Or send
them directly to me.

Your Goal – operate as much as possible and have FUN!

7QP AZ Rep

Swap this Saturday

I do not know about you, but this is an exciting time.  I look forward to the local swap.

It is a great place to meet those who you only talk to on the air.  It is a time to get out, share your “fish” stories.

It is a time to look at all the vendors, tell yourself I do not need anything, but buy it anyways.  I always find something to buy.

I have trinkets in my shack that do not work, but the memories it brings back are awesome.  I have the things I did buy and after a little cleanup and polishing they turn out to be gems.

That entry fee is nothing compared to the talks on the radio on the way home.  The chats at late night about how you got the better deal.  All are precious and something you will always remember.

Remember the first SWAP ?

Antenna is flying high on the roof of Norm Seeley.

Saturday morning are the time to get up early and meet with other hams (sometimes before breakfast).  Then you put them all together and what do you have ?  Maybe an antenna raising ceremony.

That is what happened the morning of Feb 1st.  It took four hams to get a J-Pole mounted and wired up.  To view this task unfold you need to go to KI7UP, Norm Seeley Jr; . Amateur Radio Dreaming.

All went home without cuts or bruises believe it or not.

Springfest is here………….

Springfest, the Scottsdale Clubs annual swap is this March 15th.  We are looking for volunteers to assist at the gate, ticket sales, Talkin Radio Operator, and general help.   The more that volunteer the shorter their duty time.  This benefits the club and all amateurs in the local area.  Please come out and help.

Contact the Swap Chairman, Gerald Jacques at ke7gym@arrl.net for signups.


Our Meetings

If you have not been to a SARC Meeting,  your missing some great programs.  This past February a program was given that covered the VooDoo Expedition.  It included all their trials and tribulations of the Ham experience a long way from home.

Go to our Meetings tab on the front page for programs in the future.  look forward to seeing you in the future.


Thunderbird Swap

Should have been there.  Good swap, lots of Hams, good sales.  One of the better swaps I have been to in a while.  Well attended.  Good Weather.  Plenty of vendors.  Overall a 9 on the dj scale.  Hope to see you at the Scottsdale Springfest.