Club Breakfast

Scottsdale Amateur Radio Club members and guests social gathering every Saturday at 8:00 am at Denny’s Restaurant at the Scottsdale Pavilions. Members, non-member hams and drop-in guests are all welcome to this “Dutch Treat Breakfast”. We hope to see you there! Everyone is invited to attend.

See details on the club web page at


This is to remind you about our weekly club coffee and breakfast get together every Saturday morning at Denny’s, 9160 E Indian Bend Rd starting at 8:00 am.  Last week we had severaL members show up to the breakfast.  We talked about a lot of great things like solar and battery power, summits on the air and national parks on the air, DMR radio, antenna construction, mesh networking and we also just got to know each other a little better.  This is a great club social event.  Come share what you know and learn a little too.

For those interested in participating in our club SOTA activation.  We postponed it until April 30th.

Also don’t forget to check the website for details about club events at

Hope to see you Saturday morning.


Charlie NJ7V

Club coffee and breakfast

This is to remind you about our weekly club coffee and breakfast get together every Saturday morning at Denny’s, 9160 E Indian Bend Rd starting at 8:00 am.

For those interested in participating in our club SOTA activation, we’ll meet at the weekly breakfast this Saturday to finalize details and then leave for the summit at about 9:00 am.  We expect to be back by around 2:00 pm.

Also don’t forget to check the website for details about club events at

Hope to see you Saturday morning.

General Club Meeting

Tonight is the General Meeting for our club. Hope to see you there.

General Membership Monthly Meeting
The monthly meetings are held the first Wednesday of every month except December. We meet at the Scottsdale Community Center located at 1700 North Granite Reef Road , just north of McDowell Rd in Scottsdale. All hams as well as non-hams and those interested in the art of communications are welcome to attend. Official start time is 7:00 PM and you are strongly encouraged to come early for friendly conversation.

Coffee, Pop (Soda) and donuts are a normal staple item (donations encouraged). Each month we try and have a presentation aimed at the ham community. If you would like to do a presentation, please drop us a line.


1700 N Granite Reef Rd, Scottsdale, AZ 85257


Help build the club Photo Album.

Anyone having SWAP pictures, please send them to us for publications on this site. Please let us know what year they are for if they are not for this past Swap.

Springfest Thank You

To all Hams and people supportive of Ham Radio:

Thank you for being part of the fantastic group of folks that came out to enjoy the Scottsdale Amateur Radio Club annual Springfest.  It was great to see so many familiar faces and meet new people visiting the Hamfest.  I want to thank everyone that came out to the Springfest to buy, sell, trade or just to visit with old friends or making new friends.  Without the attendees, there would not be an event.  A tremendous amount of work went into putting on the event.  Thank you Jerry KE7GYM for your dedication and planning as Chairman of the Springfest this year.  Thank you Paul KE7HR for organizing the volunteers at the gates and coordinating with the VEs. Thank you to the prize collection committee (Al KE7FSD, Judy KE7IXI, Bill N9EIV, Paul KE7HR, Ed WU7S and I hope I did not forget anyone).  I look forward to seeing everyone at next year’s Scottsdale Amateur Radio Club Springfest.





Scottsdale Amateur Radio Club

Springfest Winners for 2016

List of prize winners. Congrats to all the winners.

WA8WZG, Thomas Whitted, Tower 25G Rohn, w/rotor and antenna.

K0OTZ, Erv Heimbuck, VHF/UHF Antenna

W7MDQ , Richard Hayworth, VHF/UHF Antenna

N7TWN, Chirstian Radicke, Baofeng UV-5R

W0RRR, John Wowell, III, Baofeng UV-5R

KE7FSD, Alan Jenson, Yaesu FT-1DR

K7RTM, Tim Ploughe, MFJ-269C

Silent Key

I am sad to report that Alan Perysian KD7TOM passed away from an automobile accident on 8/12/15. Those of you who do not recognize his name or call, Alan was at just about every club meeting. He always had his grandson Nick with him. Nick was our club youth committee chairperson. We the board were fortunate to have seen Alan at this week’s board meeting. He will be greatly missed. I ask to keep Alan and his family in your thoughts and prayers…
Stephen Estes
Superstition ARC


Last week we had a great demonstration on SDR Radios. From the SDR Transceiver by Flex Radio to $16 SDR Receivers with HF converters. There are several companies with US shipping these such as Amazon and Adafruit to name just a couple. On the software side, I am a Mac & Unix user, so I don’t know the full list of SDR software packages on windows. But you can still run SDR# (SDRsharp) on a Mac.

There is a commercial SDR radio for people that like buttons and knobs. The CommRadio CR-1 and CR-1a are General coverage HF receivers with UHF and VHF. The CR-1a has a USB I/Q port for use with software. XiONE has built a portable SDR based on the RTL2832U chipset used by the cheap USB dongles. This is currently being crowd funded. You can find out more about it here.


Club Call Sign W7UF

Today is the first day we are able to post the call sign for the club.  W7UF is in memory of Tom Barry,SK.  Tom was one of the people that kept the club running at an efficient pace as the treasurer over the years.

The membership voted to change the call sign in memory of Tom.  His call will be proudly displayed on the Web page header as well as being broadcast everyday over the air from the club repeater.


Antenna is flying high on the roof of Norm Seeley.

Saturday morning are the time to get up early and meet with other hams (sometimes before breakfast).  Then you put them all together and what do you have ?  Maybe an antenna raising ceremony.

That is what happened the morning of Feb 1st.  It took four hams to get a J-Pole mounted and wired up.  To view this task unfold you need to go to KI7UP, Norm Seeley Jr; . Amateur Radio Dreaming.

All went home without cuts or bruises believe it or not.

Our Meetings

If you have not been to a SARC Meeting,  your missing some great programs.  This past February a program was given that covered the VooDoo Expedition.  It included all their trials and tribulations of the Ham experience a long way from home.