Silent Key

I am sad to report that Alan Perysian KD7TOM passed away from an automobile accident on 8/12/15. Those of you who do not recognize his name or call, Alan was at just about every club meeting. He always had his grandson Nick with him. Nick was our club youth committee chairperson. We the board were fortunate to have seen Alan at this week’s board meeting. He will be greatly missed. I ask to keep Alan and his family in your thoughts and prayers…
Stephen Estes
Superstition ARC

Field Day 2015

Its almost here, Field Day that is.

Friends, Food and Fun. All Hams are welcome. IF your only a Tech you can get on the air, learn about HF and help log entries for the operator.

More information, send us an email and we will give you place and time the fun starts.


Last week we had a great demonstration on SDR Radios. From the SDR Transceiver by Flex Radio to $16 SDR Receivers with HF converters. There are several companies with US shipping these such as Amazon and Adafruit to name just a couple. On the software side, I am a Mac & Unix user, so I don’t know the full list of SDR software packages on windows. But you can still run SDR# (SDRsharp) on a Mac.

There is a commercial SDR radio for people that like buttons and knobs. The CommRadio CR-1 and CR-1a are General coverage HF receivers with UHF and VHF. The CR-1a has a USB I/Q port for use with software. XiONE has built a portable SDR based on the RTL2832U chipset used by the cheap USB dongles. This is currently being crowd funded. You can find out more about it here.


Williams Ham Fest and State Convention

The trip up the 89 was golden. Much more scenic than the I-17 route. Did not find a hole in the wall burger, but the ride was memorable.

We arrived! Immediate went to the hotel and dropped our luggage and a quick cleanup.  Room 101 has got to be a great room. It was, Friday night sleep was great for me. Jerry tossed a bit, but I feel like a rock in the morning. Off to drive around town, visit the sites we have not seen in a few years. Found our favorite cafe’ for dinner tomorrow. Tonight we meet a few ham friends and go to Rod’s Steak House.  Have not had a steak like that in a few years. Done perfectly and the atmosphere, food, drinks, and friends made it the perfect night.

Saturday morning. Let’s hit the swap early.  Finally get there around 8:30 or so. Walk the lots and grounds and find a few trinkets. Head to the seminars and see the one by Ned Sterns on Field Day setup.  Learned a lot from his presentation.  I even gave a few tricks of my own along with the others attending.  Completed  seminar number 1 and waited for the Repeaters Owners Meeting.

Not a lot of changes with the Repeaters Group. Some changes in backyard pairs limiting the height and ERP which will become  effective with no grandfather clause. Frequency Coordinators are requesting you update your coordination every 2 years.  This protects you in case someone else in the state would like your frequency among other things.  Please update ASAP.

Next the ARCA meeting.  I could go on and on but I will save for the General Membership Meeting coming soon.

Left for home.  This time let us go back the I-17 route. Seems in 2 years there has been a lot of scenery changes with the wild fires.  We even saw one west of Flagstaff. Averaged 57.3 MPG on the way back. Of course it was all downhill.  But pretty impressive for a small car. I think I will plan more weekend trips around the state.  I now see what I have been missing staying in the Phoenix area.

Hope to see you up North next year.

Williams Convention

Sitting here waiting for the roar of the diesel to head north. I must work until 11 AM. But don’t stand in my way at 11:01. There will be a stampede to the car. A car that now gets 40 MPG. That means more money to spend at the SWAP.

With the van I had before the car, it limited me to travel. Even though it run great, I always had that thought in the back of my head. What will it cost for a tow. No more worries.

Taking the scenic route this time. The old I-17 I have seen many times. This time I am going out the 89. Maybe there will a road side stand or a hole in the wall burger place.

Wish me luck and a report after the experience.

Club Call Sign W7UF

Today is the first day we are able to post the call sign for the club.  W7UF is in memory of Tom Barry,SK.  Tom was one of the people that kept the club running at an efficient pace as the treasurer over the years.

The membership voted to change the call sign in memory of Tom.  His call will be proudly displayed on the Web page header as well as being broadcast everyday over the air from the club repeater.


Granite Mountain Hotshots

Have confirmed – The date for the Yavapai Amateur Radio Club Memorial Event for the Granite Mountain Hotshots will be held on the anniversary of the tragedy – June 30, 2014 (the Monday after Field Day). They are looking for amateurs to work from their home or club stations. If you can help, please Doug Freeman, KV8TD by email at

Field Day 2014 Scottsdale style

The Scottsdale Club plans on their Field Day Site right here in Scottsdale.  Look for more info here on the web site as we finalize them.  We plan on 3 Alpha this year again.  plan on stopping by and pound the key or yell in the microphone, your choice.  For those that want to watch or log, that is OK also.

Latest Info 5/22/2014

Jerry was unable to secure site at Swap Fest area.  We are still looking for you.  Any suggestions can be forwarded to the webmaster.

Swap this Saturday

I do not know about you, but this is an exciting time.  I look forward to the local swap.

It is a great place to meet those who you only talk to on the air.  It is a time to get out, share your “fish” stories.

It is a time to look at all the vendors, tell yourself I do not need anything, but buy it anyways.  I always find something to buy.

I have trinkets in my shack that do not work, but the memories it brings back are awesome.  I have the things I did buy and after a little cleanup and polishing they turn out to be gems.

That entry fee is nothing compared to the talks on the radio on the way home.  The chats at late night about how you got the better deal.  All are precious and something you will always remember.

Remember the first SWAP ?

Antenna is flying high on the roof of Norm Seeley.

Saturday morning are the time to get up early and meet with other hams (sometimes before breakfast).  Then you put them all together and what do you have ?  Maybe an antenna raising ceremony.

That is what happened the morning of Feb 1st.  It took four hams to get a J-Pole mounted and wired up.  To view this task unfold you need to go to KI7UP, Norm Seeley Jr; . Amateur Radio Dreaming.

All went home without cuts or bruises believe it or not.

Our Meetings

If you have not been to a SARC Meeting,  your missing some great programs.  This past February a program was given that covered the VooDoo Expedition.  It included all their trials and tribulations of the Ham experience a long way from home.



Thunderbird Swap

Should have been there.  Good swap, lots of Hams, good sales.  One of the better swaps I have been to in a while.  Well attended.  Good Weather.  Plenty of vendors.  Overall a 9 on the dj scale.  Hope to see you at the Scottsdale Springfest.