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If you would like to make a donation to SARC, thank you!  No specific amount is required, any and all donations are appreciated.  Your donation to SARC is tax-deductible. SARC is a Registered 501 C 3 Non profit Organization. Your financial support of our club will go towards all of the services we provide for our members and the Amateur Radio hobby at large. We provide ongoing education, training and testing in all aspects of ham radio for all of our members. Your donations will also help us fund SARC’s ongoing promotion of the amateur radio hobby to the public. We  also rely on financial donations to fund the purchase and maintenance of our emergency and public service communication equipment and supplies as SARC works closely to provide emergency and public service communications with local government and emergency management officials here in Scottsdale, Arizona. We greatly appreciate your support of our club and the amateur radio hobby! A letter of receipt of your tax deductable donation to SARC, along with the IRS Federal Tax ID # may be given by request by e-mailing the club,  Please contact the following;

for more info and fund transfers.

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